The Last IFAA Project

Thank you for visiting this page and for your interest in my projects. After an exiting journey working on the IFAA project, I realised the power of culture and the fact that its the missing link in responding to the urgent challenges facing our climate crisis

Due to this, I decided embark on a major – 10 year IFAA project in the fight against social and environmental degradation through culture.  I began the pilot phase in 2015 in France, during the World Climate Summit where.

After a pilot year of doing this project in France, I was confronted with the huge costs of actualising my vision the way I wanted. It is due to this reason that I decided to put the project on hold, and take the time to raise the money needed for me to realise this major project, as it will cost 36 million euros per two years, to move 200 creators to all corners of the globe in order for them to respond in real-time to the urgent challenges facing our world today.

The IFAA last project in the Fight Against Social and Environmental Degradation:

  • The IFAA 2015 – 2025 project, which I launched in Paris in 2015 during the Climate Summit. It included a pilot 1 year artist in residency program at Cite International DesArts that brought several artists from across the globe to respond to the theme: “Looking into the Future, Our World, Our Common Home”. Due to the scale of the project and as a result of the current state of our world, I need to move and work with 200 participants from diverse disciplines/sectors, that will move each two years, to different parts of the globe, starting in 2018, in order for them to bare witness, be storytellers, critically – socially engaged participants, that can inspire and bring about a different way of thinking and seeing things.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 15.49.42Production of new Artworks and Clothing Line as a form of raising money for IFAA:

To make this project possible in a way that has impact, I need to raise 36 million euros that will make it possible to achieve the project’s intended outcome. It is with this reason that I have chosen 2017 to be the fundraising year in order to raise the money needed. It is due to this that I am now hard at work, producing new art works, that I want to sell in order to kick off this major fundraising campaign. This is why I’ve also created the IFAA online Art Fair, as many wonderful IFAA artists, donated works that can be sold to raise the money we need. Another exciting project that I’m currently working on to generate money for supporting the IFAA 10 year project, is the clothing line, that I plan to launch before the end of this year. More information regarding this will be posted soon.

But for now please see the IFAA video about why we are doing this project: 

I invite you all to get involved because I believe in the power of the human voice, in Ubuntu, the essence of being human and in our ability to together change the current state of our world. But this change, must begin in our minds, with us being aware of what is going on, how we have come to this point and what we can do to change this.

Hereby below as well, the first video I made as a call to action: 

Why should people care?

Because the only way we are going to make it, is when we work together. The current state of our world, entrenched in social divides, a climate of fear, wars, terror attacks, environmental degradation and an uncertain future, weakens our resolve, by creating a state of helplessness, whereby we feel incapable to do anything, as a result of disinformation. I’ m a strong believer in Ubuntu, the essence of being human. It’s due to this, that I’m working on the biggest IFAA project, that uses culture to collectively find solutions to the urgent challenges we are facing. I want to re-ignite Ubuntu, the “essence of being human” and the power of the human voice, by creating platforms across the globe that can facilitate the ability to question the currents state of our world and the systems we have created, in order to take action, in ways we can reform them. For IFAA, this change begins in the mind.

For more information on how to get involved please send mail to:

To get more detailed information about what drives us, issues we address and or to support us and share our story, please see:

Thank you!


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