Yango Biennale

The first edition of the Yango Biennale in Kinshasa Congo was organised in 2014 through a collaboration between the late Kiripi Katembo Siku a Thamgidi Foundation laureate and Sithabile Mlotshwa, Independent Curator, Artist and Founding Director Thamgidi Foundation.

The idea to realise a biennale in Congo was inspired by Kiripi Katembo Siku’s participation in the 2012 IFAA Belgium project and the dialogues that followed between Kiripi and Sithabile after he proposed a possibility to realise an IFAA concept biennale in Congo with the purpose of developing Congo’s cultural  industries. 

Sharing the same vision, Sithabile and Kiripi began working on the biennale 

IFAA Global &  Yango Biennale Partnership :

IFAA Global finances and co- organizes Yango Biennale in order to strengthen the Biennale’s vision.

This cooperation is realised with the intention of initiating a new form of biennale that not only serves as a crucial media of contemporary art practice and the generation of public discourse. It is also intended to be a platform that enables the development of a local cultural industry – while at the same time functioning as a space of encounter that strengthens cross-cultural collaborations.Our hope is that the new form of biennale will respond to Congo’s social, cultural and environmental realities.

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