Green is Cool

P1050183Green is Cool is part of the IFAA Design Platform, a project I produced with the purpose of stimulating Design, by Young People for Young People. I’m a strong believer of the great potential young people have and think that now more than ever, it is of great importance to stimulate and challenge young people’s creative potential in thinking in an ecologically conscious way.

Green is Cool, is an extension of the Art & Young People Program, whose mission is to give youth a platform to express their views in all mediums of art and to inspire and create an informed next generation that is critical and ecologically conscious.

Green is Cool includes: Cool recycling, Recycle workshops, A Designer’s Lab, Fashion shows, Exhibitions and a Knowledge base.

Green is Cool collaborates with Schools, Institutions, Educational programs, Companies, Biennales, Design platforms and Festivals that strengthen the voices of young people.

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